A Telephone Call With President Obama on Healthcare Reform

It’s not every day, of course, that your insurance broker gets to be on a direct call with the President of the United States. However, yesterday Juli Reynolds, who for more than two decades has led our Financial and Employee Benefit’s department, and I sat in on a conference call with the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Kathleen Sebelius who was then joined by the President. The call was designed as a motivational device by the Administration, to inform businesses such as Morris & Reynolds, agents and navigators who shall be counseling Americans about their health insurance choices once ObamaCare becomes available next month, that the President appreciated the hard work being done to inform people about the law’s details.

As the new Exchange Marketplaces edge closer to its initial opening, the Obama Administration is doing what it can to publicize the available options, as well as create a positive story to counter those who are still fighting Healthcare Reform. That fight continues daily and at last count Congress, had voted 40 times to repeal the law and is today still debating ways to not fund it. During the call the President vowed that the marketplace will open, on time, and that he hopes that an estimated seven (7) million American’s will enroll in it during its first year.

Here at Morris & Reynolds we have long realized that most aspects of the 2010 law will be implemented and that a number of the laws mandates will help consumers. We have spent much of the last two years training to become experts at the new law and will continue training, as the law’s details, rules and regulations, continue to only now be defined. What is available and exactly when, what gets delayed or changed, and what the long term success of the law is, much less what it costs, all remain to be seen, but for now our agents and underwriters are prepared to help educate, inform and enroll folks who might have an interest.

Whether the Exchange Marketplace is used for your coverage or not, the new law has a number of benefits that will provide Americans better, broader coverage. The fact that Americans will be able to apply for coverage without having to answer health questions and without facing policy exclusions for pre-existing conditions will benefit many consumers. It will also broaden Well Woman coverage, preventive care coverage, young adult dependent coverage and an unlimited lifetime maximum. These are all progressive, positive, aspects of the law that in many cases will help our clients.

Morris & Reynolds has also created new tools to help our clients and prospects learn more (a lot more) about Healthcare Reform, as well as to obtain quotations from us directly, in addition to offering you an amazing amount of on-line information, 24x7x365. Whether you have questions about the reform’s standardized ‘metal health insurance plans’ (click here for more information about reform’s metal designations, such as: bronze, silver, gold and platinum plans) or need to consider reform and non-reform plan options from the entire market of leading insurers, all without health questions or pre-existing condition limitations, we are ready to help. Call us at 305.238.1000, the same number the President’s telecon with us took place yesterday, or visit our Health Care Reform page or Health Insurance Quick Quote section. We are happy to help you navigate through your questions and the many options we have available.

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