Flood Insurance In Florida Is Often Essential

Floods are America’s most common disaster. From 2002 through 20011, flood claims in the United States averaged over $ 2.9 Billion per year. The average residential flood claim is over $30,000.00 while the average for businesses exceeds $ 75,000.00.

Claims from flooding and rising water are nearly always excluded from home, condo, renters and commercial insurance policies. As we near the peak of South Florida’s rain and flood season it is important to consider flood insurance to ensure that you are properly protected.

Visualizing a mountain of water coming ashore as part of a hurricane’s storm surge and causing flood damage is easy. Hurricane Andrew in 1992, for example, brought nearly 20 feet of water into homes along Biscayne Bay in Coral Gables and South Dade. But even if you’ve not had a history of flooding and are not located close to a body of water or are in area (often called an “X” zone) that’s less prone to flooding where lender’s do not ‘require’ such insurance, you can suffer flood damage to your property.

When the calendar turns into September and October it seems that every year or two areas in South Florida such as Sweetwater, West Miami and others, places that are not designated as likely to flood suffer significant flood damage from torrential rains. With that in mind, and South Florida’s more obvious, and extreme exposure to flood losses, we have created two new resources for you to learn more; Flood Insurance Coverage Basics and Flood Insurance Basics for Businesses. You can also visit our flood page or call us at 305.238.1000 for more information. Stay dry this rainy season and thanks for allowing us to provide your protection.

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