jimmy-buffet “Squalls out on the gulf stream,
Big storms coming soon.”

Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season
– Jimmy Buffett
The 2015 Hurricane Season has officially begun and whether a big storm is headed our way as Jimmy Buffett sang long ago remains to be seen but one things is certain, Hurricane Season in any coastal community is no laughing (or singing) matter and if there is one thing that Hurricane Andrew taught us around here in 1992 it is that it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to one of mother nature’s most violent weapons.With the start of the summer storm season that runs from June 1st through November 30th all of us here at Morris & Reynolds are here to help you. Whether you need assistance in arranging new coverage, have a question related to your current coverage or can use some suggestions to prepare in advance please contact us at any time. And rest assured that should a large storm impact our community, every member of our team will turn their focus to claims and your needs following the disaster. As we like to say here at Morris & Reynolds, when you need us most, we will always be here.

Attached within this note I am pleased to provide our annual Hurricane Season newsletter that includes an overview of this year’s expert predictions, as well as ideas on what to do before and after a storm. I am also pleased to provide you with a number of additional resources this year to help your storm preparations, including our Advanced Planning for Hurricanes, our newsletter entitled: Control Windstorm Damage Ahead of Time and our Emergency Hurricane Preparation newsletter. You can also find a number of other useful resources related to hurricane season on our website’s Hurricane Center page or by clicking here.

The forecast for 2015 is for a ‘mild’ season but it only takes one storm to change your life forever and, while it’s been nearly ten years since a storm impacted our community (Wilma and Katrina both in 2005), it is our suggestion that you prepare in advance. Even a ‘small’ storm can be devastating (and if you don’t believe me then please consider the horrible damage many in our region suffered from ‘just’ a Category One storm such as Wilma and Katrina where when they landed on our shores in 2005). Worse yet, a monster storm like Andrew, a Category Five hurricane that leveled much of South-Dade, cost too many people their lives, homes and businesses.

Don’t wait until it’s too strong, please prepare before the wind blows is our suggestion. For the honor of providing your protection, thank you and have a safe, and we hope calm, Hurricane Season.

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