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  • Supreme Court Rules on Obamacare Subsidies

    ‘established by the state’ U.S. SUPREME COURT RULES ON OBAMACARE SUBSIDIES!   Four words. That’s what the protracted litigation, that for the second time in three years, challenged a key part of the foundation of the Affordable Care Act’s constitutionality all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court is focused upon. Four words: ‘established by […]


  • ‘Take-Out’ Insurance

    What Happened In 2014? In November 2014 14 insurers offered to assume personal policies from tens of thousands of Floridians followed by three insurers offering in December to take on thousands of commercial policies. Last month another ‘round’ of take-out offers were sent to tens of thousands of Florida policyholders by eight private insurers. Through […]


  • “Happy” One Month Birthday To America’s Healthcare Reform?

    “Happy” One Month Birthday To America’s Healthcare Reform? November 1st marks the one month anniversary since America’s new health care reform laws began in earnest and, thus, it seems a good time to consider the status of this landmark new law and national undertaking. Before I provide you a ‘behind the scene’ update I want […]


  • Flood Insurance In Florida Is Often Essential

    Flood Insurance In Florida Is Often Essential Floods are America’s most common disaster. From 2002 through 20011, flood claims in the United States averaged over $ 2.9 Billion per year. The average residential flood claim is over $30,000.00 while the average for businesses exceeds $ 75,000.00. Claims from flooding and rising water are nearly always […]


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