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Tropical Cyclones, better known as Hurricanes, can have a devastating impact on our community and any other coastal region from Texas to New York. Depending on the magnitude of a storm, its impact can range from massive, wide-spread, property destruction to death. If you live in a coastal community such as South Florida then it pays to be prepared for and aware of Hurricane Season and to never, ever, take such storms lightly.

As a result of the risk that you face from serious tropical weather, including monster Hurricanes, we’ve devoted this section of morrisandreynolds.com to providing you information and helpful resources to better understand how these storms can impact you and what you should consider concerning these risks. Hurricane Season presents a very real threat to life and property every single year from June 1st to November 30th. In our own business, and our lives, we take these risks extremely seriously and are here to help you consider and manage your own risks.

As a business, we know what we are talking about when it comes to Hurricanes and what they can do. Our own experience in 1992, when Hurricane Andrew hit our office and lives (and homes) directly, while causing so much devastation to us (and our clients), is a story of terrible suffering but also wonderful survival and client care. We our proud of how we helped thousands of South Floridians following that devastating storm, especially so considering how we took a direct hit, and the attached link, Our Andrew Story, Taking a DIRECT HIT!, shares some of what we experienced and how we survived.

The insurance industry has changed dramatically since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the Summer of Storms in 2004 and other such events. The industry, and the available coverage and cost, will continue to evolve as insurers to seek ways to provide coverage while dealing with the reality of what a large storm (or storms) can do to our region from year to year. To help you consider some important aspects related to your own insurance coverage, including costs, possible limitations or exclusions, we are pleased to provide an outline of some Important Insurance Concerns. Keeping in mind that many limitations or exclusions can be addressed before a storm threatens our community, we’d suggest you consider exactly how your own coverage will work before its too late.

No matter how many storm season’s you’ve lived through, being prepared before a storm strikes, as well as knowing what to do after one has left our shores, are critical topics to consider every year. As such we’ve included both Pre Storm Suggestions and Post Storm Suggestion sections to help you organize your thoughts.

Lastly, from weather services to natural disaster organizations, our Storm Links section covers many important resources that allow you to do everything from track a storm to get valuable tips on to best build so as to offset the impact of a storm to who to approach for help following a natural disaster.

Perhaps most importantly, please know that you can and should count on the professional TEAM of people here at Morris & Reynolds Insurance before and after a disaster strikes. We understand the risks, and fears, that you face and are here to help you obtain the coverage you desire for the risks that you face as well as to providing caring comfort and service if you suffer a loss. Please call us at any time we can help with your coverage and as always, thank you for allowing us to provide your protection.


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